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The management of Executive Park Model Estates, LLC is proud of our beautiful Estates. Consideration and

courtesy to others, plus your cooperation in maintaining an attractive home, will help sustain our high standards. The following Estates guidelines have been created to provide our residents with a written record of Estates standards and procedures. Please read the guidelines carefully. Thank you.


  • Any person(s) filling out a purchase agreement must also fill out a rental application for residency. A $50 non-refundable application fee is due when the application is submitted. A background and credit check will be obtained by Estates management. The application must be approved prior to completion of the sale/possession of the home.
  • Annual lease begins on the date of sale and will be due each year on that same date. All annual payments (US Funds) are due without billing. Receipts will not be mailed unless requested. Preferred payment is personal check, money order or certified check. No cash, please. A $100 late fee will be charged to payments received 15 days past due. A $50 fee is charged for returned checks in addition to the $100 late fee.
  • Annual lease includes lot rent, water, sewer, trash, plus lawn care and snow removal.
  • Real estate structural taxes will be paid by the buyer. Real estate land taxes will be paid by the Estates.
  • Sites are guaranteed for the length of your paid annual lease, plus a deposit. Sites are assigned upon sale of units.

Deposits will be forfeited; no refunds.

  • All units are designed and based on one- or two-owner occupancy.*
  • At the time of application for initial occupancy, or upon request of the Estates, a prospective resident shall, for all purposes of age verification, produce for inspection and copying one of the following: driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, immigration card, military identification or other valid local, state, national or international document of comparable reliability containing the prospective resident’s birthdate. Also valid is a certification in a lease, rental agreement, application, affidavit or other signed document asserting that at least one person in the home is 45 years of age or older.

Upon request of the Estates, existing residents shall produce documentation, as referenced above, for purpose of age verification. On January 1st of each even-numbered year, all existing residents shall be required to provide the names/ages of all current occupants, in writing, to management.

Only homes owned/occupied by persons who have applied for residence in the Estates and who have been approved as such by Estates management are permitted to reside in the Estates. As a condition of approval for residence in the Estates, residents are required to show proof of ownership. Such proof may be made by title or registration to the home. Each occupant of the home must be approved for residency by the Executive Park Model Estates, LLC prior to occupancy. Written approval by Estates management is required as to any changes in the number or makeup of persons in the home.

  • This is a 45-and-over community. Guests under 18 are permitted for 30 days per visit. Any guest staying over 30 days must have written Estates management approval.
  • All homes are to be a second residence (vacation home) and not to be used as primary living quarters. Must be owner occupied, with the exception of immediate family members for up to two weeks without the owner present – if prior notification from the resident is made with the Estates office.
  • Phone, electricity, analog, basic TV and internet is available from local providers. Utilities must be in the resident’s name and will be paid directly to the provider.
  • Sewer donuts with clamps and backflow preventers on water hookups are required. These are the resident’s responsibility. 


  •  Each site has two parking spots. Vehicles must be parked completely on the site; parking in the street or on the grass is not permitted. Vehicles must be parked in an orderly manner. Loading/unloading at your site is permitted for 48 hours as long as you do not block traffic. Vehicles are required to have an Estates park pass decal. Guest parking should be in designated overflow areas only. Parking on vacant sites or lots is not permitted. Parking at recreation buildings other than for activities or use of the facilities is not permitted without permission from the Estates office.
  • The recreation facilities are available for the use of our residents and other registered guests only. Use these at your own risk; Executive Park Model Estates, LLC will not be responsible for personal injury or property damage to our tenants, their families or their guests. Hours and rules governing the various facilities will be posted in each individual recreation site. No one is allowed in the Estates office or any recreation building without shoes and shirt.
  • No unlicensed, damaged or unsightly vehicles permitted on the property. Vehicle repair is not permitted on any site. Minor repairs or maintenance may be done in the storage area; please contact the Estates office for permission.
  • No boats, storage trailers, car dollies, RVs, etc. are permitted on any site. However, an Estates storage area is available, for which resident(s) must submit a completed Storage Request Form with a copy of current registration. A vehicle pass must be attached to any unit in storage. Executive Park Model Estates, LLC does not accept any responsibility/ liability for vehicles or items in storage. Storage sites must be kept neat and clean.
  • Motorcycles, bikes, scooters, golf carts, etc. must have the proper safety equipment for daytime/nighttime use. Mopeds/scooters with engines no larger than 100cc can be used in the Estates and facilities. Those with engines over 100cc may be permitted with written permission of management. Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, if properly licensed, may be operated by resident(s) only as transportation on the streets of the Estates via the shortest route in or out. No joyriding will be permitted within the Estates. All vehicles must have a factory-quiet mufflers which in the Estates sole discretion are not unreasonably loud or will disturb the health, safety, property, welfare or enjoyment of the Estates residents. All bikes, scooters and rollerblades must be used in a safe and orderly manner, and persons under the age of 18 must be supervised. Golf carts must be operated by a licensed driver.
  • Car and wheel covers are permitted if factory made and in acceptable appearance and good condition. Covers must be secured to vehicles by rubber straps, bungee cords or rope running under vehicles from one side to the other. Weights to hold covers down, like blocks and water bottles, are not allowed. No tarps, plastic, boards, cardboard or aluminum can be used. Executive Park Model Estates, LLC assumes no liability for vehicles left on site or covers lost or damaged. If a cover becomes unsightly or starts to blow off, if will be removed and disposed of by management.


  • Subletting is permitted. Subletters renting for a minimum of six months must go through the application process and abide by all rules and regulations of the Estates.
  • Residents who wish to sell their homes are required to fill out a Resale Inspection Application. A $35 inspection fee is due when the application is submitted. Management will then inspect the condition of the outside of the home for washing, painting or repairs that may be required. Any improvement deemed necessary must be completed before the home is advertised for sale or sold, if the home is to remain in the Estates. One commercially printed For Sale sign at a maximum size of 11" x 19" is permitted in the window of the home; no yard signs are allowed. An open house is permitted, as long as the owner is present. Signs advertising the event must be confined to house windows only.
  • Potential buyers must fill out an application for residency and pay a $40 non-refundable application fee. They must meet the Estates age requirement and be approved by management prior to completion of the sale/possession of the home.
  • Executive Park Model Estates, LLC has been very successful in selling homes for our residents. Our commission fees are extremely competitive.

NOTE: The above rules and regulations are based on the experience of the owner and changes and modifications may be made without prior notice. Violations may result in eviction from the Estates. Under South Dakota State statute, if the resident or guest does not correct violations when notified or repeats a rule violation within his/her term of occupancy, he/she may be evicted.


Executive Park Model Estates, LLC accepts no responsibility for contractor performance and/or materials used for site improvements. All vendors and contractors must submit a copy of their liability insurance coverage before doing work in the Estates grounds.

  • Alterations to the exterior of homes must be approved in writing by management. An improvement application must be completed and approved by management prior to the start of any project, and all alterations are based on Estates regulations. The following rules apply:

PAINT COLORS. If you are changing the colors of your home, interior or exterior, a paint sample must be attached. Allowed are neutral colors, pale colors and those that are compatible with others in the Estates.

DRIVEWAYS. These may be texture coated or seal coated, and colors must be approved in writing by management.

SHUTTERS. May be installed with management’s approval. Wood may be used if painted the same color as the home.

UTILITY SHEDS. Not permitted; the Estates have on-site storage units available for rent.

CONCRETE. Homes will have concrete steps and patio provided. Additional concrete work must have prior written approval by management. The resident agrees to accept financial responsibility for removal or replacement of concrete work in the event it must be excavated to gain access to utilities.

FENCES. Privacy fencing may be erected around deck/patio areas if chosen from the Estates office samples; three colors are available.

FREE-STANDING SCREENS. Rooms or shade covers are not permitted – no canvas, metal or cloth. Screened rooms are not permitted.

LANDSCAPING. Must be placed three feet out from the unit and must be approved in writing by management before installation. Residents are responsible for weed control in their area year-round, including driveway, patio and walkways. Areas not cared for will result in a violation notice being sent, and a $150 fee for each violation will be imposed if the Estates is forced to do the cleanup. Bushes or trees with thorny leaves may not be planted as they may injure our employees when they are mowing. All plantings are under the complete care of the resident, who is also responsible for anything planted by any previous owner of the home. All ornaments, lights, hoses, etc. must be removed when the home is unattended. Executive Park Model Estates, LLC will not be responsible for loss of or damage to plantings or outside items; weed killer may be used to control weeds at unattended sites.

  • Lawns will be mowed and trimmed by management. Each home must have a three-foot barrier, mow edge or border, such as concrete, landscape blocks or a maintained flower or planting area. If not, Executive Park Model Estates, LLC will not accept responsibility for any mower or weed eater damage done to the home. The Estates is not responsible for insects, weed control or irrigation.
  • When you leave for the winter or any extended period of time, please put everything inside your home. Do not leave anything outside, including lawn furniture, bikes, flowerpots, etc. If items are left out, they will be disposed of and will not be returned, replaced or reimbursed. No foil, cardboard, paper, etc. may be used to cover windows or glass doors. Shades, drapes and pre-approved pre-fab sun reflectors should be used for this purpose.


  • All residents must use the Estates main entrance upon arrival and departure. Two park pass decals will be issued with the sale of each unit.
  • Speed limit: 10 mph. Please obey all posted signage, i.e. speed limit, stop signs and one-way signs.
  • Quiet hours are from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. Excessive noise or disturbance will not be tolerated, nor any use or practice which is the source of annoyance to residents that interferes with their peaceful enjoyment. Noise or conduct which management finds objectionable, including but not limited to annoying parties, abusive language or profane actions, shall not be permitted.
  • Solicitation of any type is not permitted, and no business may be run from a resident’s home. No peddling or commercial enterprises will be allowed. No displays of crafts or merchandise or any type of wares are permitted. No yard sales are allowed except on days sponsored by the Estates. No yard signs or flags – other than one American flag – will be permitted.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all buildings.
  • No open flames of any kind are allowed. Gas grills and gas fire pits are permitted.
  • No firearms or fireworks are to be discharged within the confines of the Estates. This restriction includes bb guns, pellet guns, air guns, etc.
  • House pets only (small dogs and cats). No outside kennels, chains, etc. are permitted.
  • Do not feed the birds, any animals or wildlife.
  • Clotheslines are not permitted.
  • Appliances may not be placed outside the home, i.e. refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, etc.


  • All electric, phone and cable lines must be buried. Sewer connections and lines must be under the home with an accessible cleanout. All homes shall be kept clean and in acceptible condition at all times. If a home is in need of washing and resident does not comply with notification, the Estates will have the unit washed and the resident will be charged the current rate for the service.
  • For your safety, please do not enter the maintenance area. For maintenance concerns and requests, the Estates office should be contacted. No maintenance job will be allowed without an approved work order. Due to insurance and liability concerns, Executive Park Model Estates, LLC does not loan out tools or equipment.
  • Electric, water or sewer problems should be reported to the Estates office before you call a repairman. TheEstates do not make indoor repairs but can make sure outside connections are working properly. Maintenance will check our service to the appropriate meter. Executive Park Model Estates, LLC will not pay or reimburse bills incurred by a resident or by any repairman called by a resident.
  • Digging for any reason is prohibited without management approval; all utilities are buried underground, and resident(s) will be charged for any damage.



RULES & REGS (pdf)